Concept Creator

Christopher Fülling has co-created a range of musical staging projects serving in a range of roles, from creator (concept, lyrics/text, compiler/arranger), director, music director, and performer (tenor, physical theatre).

A complete list of works can be seen in the Project Portfolio. Some of the works were designed for multiple performances and now exist and are available for future performances whereas some were designed as one-off, site specific works. The nature of the music material and its staging can be broadly categorized thusly :

NEW COMPOSITIONS: by one creation team or by a several composers (sometimes including a bit of extant source material) brought together into one new piece.

NEW COMPILATIONS (of existing material from diverse sources, often including some new composition, into a coherent whole new piece)

LITURGICAL RECONSTRUCTIONS: (basically a subcategory of “new compilation”) where the extant source material is organized according to historically-informed rules, but they are new in that they are not done exactly this way (or at least not for hundreds of years).

EXTANT COMPLETE WORKS: these are radical staging interpretations that leave the music intact. There may be new written material reframing the music.

PASTICCIO/VARIETE: an assemblage of disparate musical works and performance acts into a harmonious evening that would be recombined differently in subsequent performances and could integrate other performers, acts, and musical sources).