Composers: Alessandro Grandi, Heinrich Schütz, Claudio Monteverdi, Giovanni Paolo Cima, Pierluigi Palestrina, Sigismondo d’India, Andreas Hammerschmidt, et al

Concept and musical arrangement: Christopher Fülling

A Baroque opera version of the Biblical Song of Songs, set in the “women’s court” of King Solomon. This dramatic arrangement was compiled from the many sacred settings of this great love poem. All of the musicians are onstage and in character: the lush, colorful women’s court comprised of an all-female orchestra and chorus (whose members also dance) to support the lead soprano THE WOMAN as she considers HER LOVER, a tenor accompanied small group of mobile continuo instruments, seeking to gain entry into the court from outside the walls. Looking at the ancient Hebrew court through the prism of 1650s Venice, also integrates some Middle Eastern instrumentation, ornamentation and a new danceform combining bellydance and Baroque gesture. The musical arrangement and drama have been workshopped with Stephen Stubbs there have been several concert performances of musical excerpts. It is under development for a fully-staged performance.

semistaged concertRome & Labro (RI): 2010

Director & Music Director: Christopher Fülling

Featuring: Phoebe Alexander, Antanina Kalechyts,Christopher Fülling, Maria Cleary, Davide Monti

dramatic workshop. Accademia dell’Amore, Seattle: 2006

Director: Grant Herreid

Music Dir: Stephen Stubbs

Featuring: Phoebe Alexander, ______, Christopher Fülling, Matthew Acuff,