Burning Opera: How to Survive the Apocalypse

Music: Mark Nichols

Lyrics: Erik Davis

Book: Christopher Fülling, Erik Davis, & Mark Nichols

Concept: Erik Davis, Christopher Fülling, Dana Harrison, Mark Nichols

Inspired to share the transformations experienced at the Burning Man, this rock opera is as crazy and eclectic as the event itself. It has had three production runs, there is a DVD and CD, a recent showcase in Las Vegas and is under development for larger venues and tours. More info at its official website.


LAS VEGAS SUN: 3/3/2012  It’s likely that most everyone walked away from the “Flames of Change,” wanting to see more of the crew from “The Burning Opera: How to Survive the Apocalypse”. The company of musicians, singers, dancers and dreadlocked gypsy punks, mixed with Las Vegas showgirls, performed three 15-minute reviews of the full opera that was conceived in Black Rock City and premiered in 2009 at Stage Werx in San Francisco. Whether you’re a fan of Burning Man and/or Broadway, it’s hard to dispute the talented performers, well-organized canivalesque choreography and ingenious music of the production that hearkens “Hair,” “Jesus Christ Superstar” and the bohemians in the 1987 movie, “Sammy and Rosie Get Laid.” Add to that a guy in a fuzzy animal costume and rabbit ears, perched on a ladder with a megaphone, mocking the “tribe of freaks” and their tales of the transmutation zone in a Nevada city built in the “middle of nowhere.” Read more: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2012/mar/03/crowd-cheers/#ixzz2OCeddJ6z

First Vegas Burn. First Fridays, Las Vegas, 2012

Showcase of excerpts to accompany the first public burn in Las Vegas in front of 4000 spectators.

Director: Christopher Fülling

Music Director: Charles Darius

Designers: Vegas Burners (scenic), Todd von Bastiaan (light), Dancetronauts (sound) Featuring: RenFey, Dr. Deb, Darko, Starfish, Lesley Freeman, Charles Darius, Christopher Fülling, Lisah Barry, Andy Stack, John Hollis, AJ, Grant, Molly Freeman, Gold Nugget Dancers, _____, _____, _____


Teatro ZinnZanni, San Francisco, 2011

Director: Christopher Fülling

Music Director: Mark Nichols

Choreography: Elizabeth & Melissa Castaneda

Producer: Dana Harrison & Lawrence Kampf

Designers: Shannon O’Hare (scenic) Jared Hirsch (light), Dean Mermell (video), DAS OWL (costume), (makeup) Makeup Design:

Featuring: Erik Davis, Jennivere Villegas, Mikey Babel, Phoebe Alexander, Dr. Deb, RenFey, Phat Man Dee, Andy Stack, Steffanos X, Christopher Fülling, Darko, Anastasia Gillespie, Lesley Freeman, George, Melinda Smart, Elizabeth & Melissa Castaneda, Miss Laura, Cloe, Betsy McCall, Nathan Rosquist, Marna, Robin, Mark Nichols, Andrew Pulkrabek, Charles Darius, John Hollis, Aaron, Dean Mermell, Kat Downs, Jacquie Duncan

Stagewerx, San Francisco, 2010

Director: Christopher Fülling

Music Director: Mark Nichols

Producer: Dana Harrison & Ty McKenzie

Featuring: Erik Davis, Starfish, _____, Lesley Freeman, Phoebe Alexander, Christopher Fülling, Anastasia Gillespie, Lisah Barry, Betsy McCall, Debra, Barb, ____, Mark Nichols, Andy Stack, Chris, _____, Dean Mermell, Kat Downs,